Suppose you have returned home from a party and realize that the photos which were taken are unclear and blurred. Also when you are capturing pictures of fast moving objects like cars, animals or birds you find that the photos are hazy and muddled. The reason for this may be that either the camera was shaking or the subject light conditions were not up to the mark. Whatever the reason may be, the damage seems to be permanent. You think of clearing those blurred pictures so that you can have a clear view of what has been taken. You want to have everything as spiky as possible. There are few ways to de-blur your photos and enhance them. For this, perfect picture repair software can aid you to covert this unclear image into a clear one.

If you are looking for such software then you should use Movavi photo editor software that will help to clear your pictures. This software has simple tools for editing photos that makes the task of converting blurry into un-blury quite easy. Simply download Mac version of this software and follow the guidelines which will show you how to fix blurry pictures.

  • First of all you have to install the Movavi photo editor: Open the executable file and follow the installation guidelines.
  • Now add the image which you want to un-blur: In order to select the images which you want clear simply click the browse for image button, apart from this you can also pull and drop the image on the working area of the program.
  • Now is the time to edit your picture: Begin your procedure of clearing the hazy images. To lower the hazy impression until your blurriness gets fully smoothened, move the sharpness slider by opening the adjust tab, apart from sharpness you can also try different moving sliders in the adjust tab like moving contrast or brightness to develop your pictures.
  • Save the clear images: Once you have edited your picture now save the clear picture in a separate file in the hard drive. Now your photos are completely clear and the blurriness is amazingly removed. Click the export button to save the images.

With Movavi Photo Studio software you can simply clear your photos or any video which you have captured, with just a mere click.