If you’re planning on hosting a special event with a lot of guests and you want to have the event catered so you can be absolutely sure that everyone will be able enjoy the most delicious and filling foods throughout the course of the event, you need to take certain steps to hire the ideal catering company.

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Although every catering company will promote itself as the best, to be certain you’re hiring professionals who will deliver and fulfil your expectations, continue reading for a few tips.

Meet in Person

While you can get a lot of information about a catering company by reading their website, sending emails, and even calling them on the phone to speak with someone directly, to know exactly who you’re dealing with and what they’ll be like to work with, you have to meet with them in person.

Set up an appointment time that works for the catering company and for you to sit down and discuss exactly what they can offer you and what their rate would be. And once you meet with more than one catering company, you should be able to gauge more accurately who will be able to fulfil your expectations.

Try the Food

If you can try the food before signing on the dotted line, do so. But even after you sign on to have a specific company cater your event, ask them to have a tasting event for you, during which you’ll sample some of the dishes, whether you’re opting for a vegetarian event or you’re planning on serving smoked meat Montreal, that you plan on having on your menu.

This will allow you to have some time to make changes and tweaks to your current menu ideas, or to confirm that you’ve made the right choices and that you’re satisfied with the food as it is.

Ask the Right Questions

Whether you’re in contact with a catering company by email, by phone, or in person, make a list of important questions that you don’t want to forget to ask. These questions will have an impact on whether or not you hire them, but failing to ask them before you sign the contract may result in regretting your decision and it being too late to make important changes.

Some of the questions that you should remember to ask include:

  • Are the menus customisable or do you have to stick to the menus that are already available?
  • Can they accommodate special requests? For example, would they be willing to work with you if you have guests who are vegan, gluten-free, or suffer from certain food allergies?
  • Do they primarily work with frozen or fresh ingredients? Do they use conventional or organic ingredients?
  • In terms of beverages, what are your options? Is alcohol included? What about soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.?

Once you’ve determined that you want to go with a catering company that seems to have everything you need, simply find out when you’d need to provide them with your finalised menu ideas, as well as when they would need the final head count before the event.