Toyota succeed in winning the Thailand Premier League first leg on Saturday , April 19, 2014 57 days ago kicked five field pair Patricia Stadium defenders Singhtarua deputy sergeant . At last the Raiders of the Lost first match of the season with a 0-2 TOT come home with a champion sbobet thai ” Bolt” Ram Raiders # 12 the last shot to tie it 1-1 Suphanburi .

This game was originally made ​​by the referee to be a petty criminal , but the craftsmanship can not be referred suffered a crash landing acting . The referee then changed to New Valley in clean acting sbo This appointment will guard the Ram into Pa Bu in Thailand League first game of the new manager Jose Bosingwa Dar Bandos Norwich after just brought home team . grab his first victory in the Battle of the AFC Chpl. northern Shandong Lu Ning, I was 1-0.

7 pm David is the team that stormed to the lead. Of shedding by far the ball Kai Hirano two poles leaving behind only a little DIY sbo Singhtarua followers dismayed by the same .

At 10 Joo Sung Hwan striker Leo harbor. Made up of their own When the ball into the penalty area but did not pull the trigger , then sbo shot. Support by Ram extraction dropped out.

13 pm the doors to the residence before the power tolling when Kirk Kan turn left to head team striker Leandro Pereira de Oliveira sbo full strike through the head, but not safe Sivaruk . Outposts Ram who rejects possible.

PM 20 Ram to win a second consecutive front door leading to a first stroke Civilization before going outside the box , but the ball went sbo blog KIATCHAROEN fluorescent Pan Before few moments later Kai Hirano will. Dart is back

Melo ‘s 21 check Gonzalez left a breaking ball to ricochet Lee Sang Ho , but it does not change . Reardon hit Sae to Mobile sbo Chanin Aie get soft .

PM 30 Hironori Saruta Singhtarua almost two to the head . When the ball into the penalty area before deciding to Ram chip ball projectiles Sivaruk sbo but the weight is not good enough . After a little over the bar only.

Ram is the door before 37 am incredibly Shankar Anthony Gonzalez, left , pay a dedicated tray . From the left into the box to Ganpati Nino Filip Weir beat launchers , but the clan Chanin Aie Singhtarua outposts . Used to safe keep the door it was narrowly sbo time left to score two teams do not end the first half to go ahead 0-0.

At 46 the star of the second half came just a minute. Ram Surat Sukha of David brought before the opening of the sbo Ball Kai Hirano ‘s head strike the ball through the goal mouth wiping Singhtarua . Leaving behind only a little

At 55 JIRAWAT Mach spirit of Ram , spinning free-kick around 30 yards sbo but not good enough to go through the hands of Chanin . Sing outposts port clearance .

First score of the game at 59 , and as this occurs the side defenders Singhtarua lead to 1-0 from a corner from the right side of Sua Tsuruta to sbo Kirk Tweet Kan beat into effect .

PM 67 is energized rival Ram Kai Hirano open right up to the big boys in two days to two shifts into the first post sbo , but the ball slipped out the back .

PM Singh 76 dock to the tablet 2 Vajra Maha Wong turn right to head Leandro Pereira de Oliveira has butted heads , but the ball did not fully Sivaruk saving sbo no time left to score the game Singhtarua do . works great open house shear Ram to win 1-0.

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