As you know very well that award plagues are given to an individual or else group of individuals so as to acknowledge or recognize their outstanding performance in specific field. I have received award for being good sportsman. There are varying kinds of sports like baseball, football, hockey, soccer and basketball and I was extremely famous for hockey game. The custom plaques, which I received as a symbol of honor made me happy. Award plaques are given for varying reasons and I received it for winning hockey game. The award consists of recipient name, date and small message. It motivates me to work hard in the sports to provide outstanding performance. After that, I participated in many world level matches and win more and more competition extensively.

Everyone knows that hard work never fails and I realized that when it was getting plaque for my outstanding performance. Not only in sports, but also I received award for being a successful leader for my team members. I was a team leader in one of the leading company and I poured extensive hard work to complete each and every project. Of course, in my employee life I got several plaques and awards for my good performance. I feel that my best efforts are highly valued by my organization only when I received plaque in my hand. Moreover, I was speechless that time because tears came from my eyes when I received award as a symbol of recognition.

Employees are considered as the valuable members of the organizations. I feel very happy when I was awarded as the most sincere worker of the year. I was showing my hard work in the form of award to everybody. The plaques offer me special recognition in the organization and it was being promoted after receiving award. Only recognition and rewards will assist the employee to work on the organization with win-win situation. After receiving the award, I was made to speak with the audience. It really thanked my organization for providing such award and also thanked my friends who helped me to achieve that great award.

The award is received on the public meeting so that co-workers will be able to know about the employee outstanding performance. And the publicity made me very popular among media as well. Receiving award increases employee morale as well as make sure that employees hard work will the identified and awards. Those words become true in my life after receiving accomplishment from the organization. My dedication, sincerity and hard work made me to get success in employee life. Now I am happy with that award and I safeguard such recognition throughout my life.

Whenever I saw the award, I will recall my past employee life and my current position. Since, the award plaques are personalized with my organization name, logo and details of appreciation. I also recommend the organizations to provide acknowledgement and praise for the employees who work with challenging work assignments.